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Week One+ for Lakeside Deliveries to Stores and Workplaces

July 9, 2016

Lakeside’s truck pulling into Bar Harbor marked a full circle on our first store and FarmShare deliveries, and what a week it was! The Arctic spring, as we called it, followed by the Sahara weeks, limited our normal early production, but we a few great vegetables in stores and working with our partners made for some great boxes. The reviews were smashing–“We ate the radishes tonight with dinner and the maple syrup tastes awesome!! Biscuits are being fought over.  Its great!!!  Tell me about the things that look like little green pumpkins.  This is so fun!!!” , wrote one subscriber. (The little green pumpkins were really Lucky Eight round zucchini … cooked just like regular zukes or great stuffed and baked for a perfect size side serving. Just wait for the Patty Pan Squash that look like baby spaceships…)

Included in this week was our first delivery of FarmShares to a Food Pantry, Safe Place in Corinth. Because we are part of a Food Incentive Nutrition Program (FINI) grant, we are able to offer FarmShare boxes to SNAP/Food Stamp recipients at less than half the cost, and it was great to see our boxes leaving with families there. The week also brought Kathleen Pierce’s great story in the Bangor Daily. We don’t have many visitors at the farm, but this week our friends at Good Shepherd stopped by as did a new pea-lover, at least she loved them when Stew personally picked them and handed them over. (See the picture!)

Looking out this morning on the increasing varieties of vegetables being harvested in Newport.. . peas, radishes, red and green kale, chards, mustard greens, purple top turnip, and the first of the zukes and summer squashes. And others still a bit small but almost ready for harvest and delivery. Look for Lakeside Family Farm products at Hannafords and other Maine locations committed to local.

Our gratitude to our customers and partner farms remains enormous.

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