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Lakeside partnering with Williams Sonoma: more good veggies to come!

May 17, 2016

Lakeside Family Farm is delighted to announce an addition to our partnership with the Maine Mall —WILLIAMS SONOMA.

This Friday and Saturday, 11-6,  we will be at our cart at the Mall, located just outside Williams Sonoma to sign up subscribers for the FarmShare. Sign up this weekend and pay in full and you can get two free weeks and a chance to participate in a raffle for a quart of Maine Maple Syrup.

ALSO THIS WEEKEND, Jason and his colleagues at Williams Sonoma will be cooking with Lakeside Farm produce. It’s a bit early in the season, but we do have Lakeside potatoes, parsnips and kale, which Jason is planning to combine with grilled pork.

spiralizerAND EVERY WEEK starting late June, Williams Sonoma will be sharing recipes and cooking from the box all season. They are also offering a 10% discount to all Lakeside Family Farmshare subscribers on all of their products. (I just got their spiralizer and have no doubt expanded my vegetable recipes tenfold. We had angel-hair parsnips for dinner, too great, and can hardly wait for the zucchini to come along.)

This is a very exciting partnership for Lakeside, with a lot of benefits going both ways.

Hope to see you Friday or Saturday, but even if you can’t come by the mall you can benefit from the discount once you sign up in person or online.



call Sarah at 207 752 1721 or email

call Erika at  413 559 1373 or email

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