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Squash Season

September 30, 2015

Check out the complete listing of squash availability here!

Well, it’s happening. It’s dark at 7:00, frost has nipped a few of our neighbors, we don’t dread turning the oven on, cucumber have slowed down – fall is here. I have to say, we’re ready. The end of September means we have one big push ahead of us to get all our storage crops inside, to harvest those great autumn greens like kale and chard and turnip greens that get sweeter as it gets colder, and to start picking and packing one of our favorite vegetables: squash!

This year, we’ve really tried to expand the kinds of squash we offer to make sure that our customers throughout Maine get to experience some new shapes, colors, and most importantly flavors. It’s not just butternut anymore! We’re growing 16 different kinds of squash this year, ranging from the old Maine standard Burgess Buttercup to Baby Blue Hubbard (the secret trick to the perfect pumpkin pie) to Pinnacle Spaghetti squash to the one and only Long Island Cheese squash! Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing cheesy about it, except maybe the shape – I suppose you could say it’s shaped like a big wheel of cheese, round, flat, and orange!

Long Island Cheese (photo from Johnnys Seeds)

Long Island Cheese (photo from Johnnys Seeds)

We’re also growing a wide variety of what we’re calling single-serving squashes. We’ve heard from customers that lugging home a 10 pound Butternut isn’t feasible for some individuals and small families that don’t want to be swimming in squash for the next few weeks – luckily, we have the perfect squash for you. Our single-serving squashes (in actuality, they feed 2 people no problem!) are smaller, usually weighing 1-2 pounds, but still have the traditional shape and color and are just as ripe and just as sweet as their larger cousins. These are not just immature squash! They’re varieties that have been bred to taste just as good (if not better) than the larger types and still manage to fit inside the trunk of your car.

Butternut stock

Chefs take note – half of a mini-Butterscotch squash is a beautiful thing to see on a plate, with the cavity stuffed with roasted garlic, herbs, a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup.

We’ll have more updates as the fall progresses – meantime, enjoy the green beans while they last! We’ll get frozen out sooner or later!

Thanks, Alex

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