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Colorful Carrots

August 26, 2015

Lookin Good!

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Our friends at Whole Foods Market in Portland did a great job with displaying our carrots a week ago: it really highlights the vibrant colors you can get. In the past, we’ve sold either orange carrots or rainbow carrots, with all the colors mixed together – but this year there was a shortage of the Rainbow F1 variety we usually get from Johnnys’ seeds. We choose that variety because it’s actually just a single variety – not a blend of different types of carrots, but one type of carrot that has color variability. This means they grow at the same rate to roughly the same size, making them nice and even bunches.

With the shortage, we had to adapt, choosing 5 or 6 varieties with nice color and good shape to mix our own rainbow bunches. Early in the season, however, we found out that these carrots grew at pretty dramatically different speeds: yellow carrots got huge while purple carrots were still little pencils. So…we sold them separately and I think it worked out great! You can really choose the color that makes the most dramatic presentation in whatever you’re putting together – it can be really striking to see such bright colors stand out in a dish and you don’t have to sacrifice real carrot flavor.

Speaking of carrot flavor, we all think carrots are one of the vegetables where you can IMMEDIATELY tell the difference between local and imported carrots grown on the other side of the country. The sweetness and nuttiness of Maine grown carrots are really worlds apart from those ‘a-little-too-perfect’ bags from California. Try em out and we think you’ll understand.

Now that we’re in the height of summer, all the varieties have sort of caught up to each other, meaning we’re also selling mixed rainbow bunches for maximum pizzazz.

Thanks for your support!

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