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Cauliflower Time

August 11, 2015

We’ve grown cauliflower every year since we started Lakeside in 2006. Well, maybe that’s an overstatement… we’ve “tried to grow” cauliflower – it’s picky! Not only do all your standard garden pests really like munching on cauliflower, but in order to get those beautiful snow-white heads, you need to protect it from the sun. If they’re too exposed, the crowns of the cauliflower turn this sort of yellowy color that doesn’t look quite as pristine – and we like pristine.

We’ve tried using rubber bands to tie up the leaves around the head to shade out the little head inside, we’ve tried breaking leaves and folding them over, we’ve tried growing “self-blanching” cauliflower which is bred to have extra big leaves to create shade…all these tricks work to some degree, but our favorite trick is to just grow other colors of cauliflower!

In addition to the traditional white, we grow orange (Cheddar), purple and lime green cauliflower – each tastes just as sweet and nutty but adds a pretty electric palate to your plate. The purple color can fade as it cooks, so we like to roast them at a really high heat (maybe 475 degrees) quickly to get crisp and crunchy edges before the vibrant colors mellow.

We’ll start offering our cauliflowers in the next week or two – meanwhile there’s still about 30 other vegetables in their prime right now for you to check out. Thanks for your support!


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