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Turnip Greens – An unexpected feast.

June 30, 2015

Things are rolling now – we have folks in the field harvesting every day now, picking and packing veggies almost constantly to get the freshest quality to produce to people all over the state of Maine. It’s been a relatively nice stretch of weather for us in Newport, though we could do with a little more heat. With the cooler days, the peapods have been a bit slower to plump up than we’d like, but it’s great weather for greens.  Check out our Now Available page for updates on what we’re bringing to market.

This unpredictability in climate and weather is really a unique challenge for our kind of smaller and mid-sized farms – generally when a business sells a product, they have a very clear idea of what their inventory looks like, so they can manage orders and production clearly and only sell as much product as they have. In the fresh-to-market delivery world that we operate in, we have to make assumptions based on pretty tricky things: how quickly is that chard leaf going to get a few inches bigger, how soon after blossom will our peas be perfectly full and sweet? We’re pretty good at making this kind of guess – but when a big rainstorm or a cold front rolls in…it rolls in. We have to adapt on the fly.

That said, it’s this kind of seasonality that makes local food taste better! Cool nights, warm days, rainstorms, dry spells, and fresh picking – they all contribute to the kind of flavor that sets Maine produce apart . We’re lucky to have a great crew and lots of food in the field coming on getting ready to pick – so we’ll be able to make sure we have plenty of tasty produce harvested for you and your family this summer.

We’re eating tons of turnip greens nowadays – we planted them a bit too close together for the turnips to size up later this summer, so we’re harvesting the tender and flavorful extras and are shipping them to our customers throughout the state. Lots of turnip green recipes feature long and slow cooking, but we think the flavor really shines when you cook them fast! Here’s one of our favorite ways to prepare them:


Makes 4 servings.

1 bunch Lakeside Family Farm Turnip Greens

2-3 cloves garlic (or to taste) chopped

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1/4 Cup Juice or Cider (we like apple cider the best, but orange or white grape juice are great too)

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Splash Balsamic or other Vinegar

Red pepper flakes, option to spice it up!


Wash the turnip greens thoroughly.

Dry the greens, and stack about half of them and roll into a cigar shape. Cut across the roll into thin strips, repeat for the other half.

Saute chopped garlic in about 1 tablespoon of oil, add the greens, and cook until wilted.

Add 1/4 cup juice/cider plus salt, black pepper and chili flakes to taste. Cook another minute or two and they are done.

Splash with the vinegar just before you remove from the pan. Enjoy! Let us know if you try ’em out.

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