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Farmer Stew @ The Source Awards

April 18, 2015

A real honor to see Farmer Stew recognized in the paper last week. We’re proud of him! The article is available here.

dad source awards

We haven’t had a very public start in the first years of Lakeside, but I’m glad he took the time to chat about how our farm started as a result of his having spent decades thinking about what agriculture could be in Maine. It’s also handy for me, as even I get lost thinking about all the ways he’s been involved in growing food and shaping how food gets grown in Maine and New England – thanks to the newspaper, I now have a handy Stew Smith timeline to keep in the delivery truck for easy reference.

Dad and I went down to the awards ceremony at Pineland Farms to receive it – it was nice to eat nice things and see nice people, and really great to have Lakeside on stage alongside people like Penny Jordan and the folks from The Farm Stand. Also we were glad to see a really moving tribute to our friend Russell Libby as the folks at MOFGA begin fundraising for a sustainable ag scholarship in his name. They’ll be offering 3 scholarships annually, one to a high school student, one to someone participating in the MOFGA Jouneyperson’s program, and one to a student enrolled at Kennebec Valley Community College’s sustainable ag program. A worthy program to honor the legacy of a friend of ours and a friend of Maine’s agriculture.

We’re grateful for the recognition and excited to see the snow gone – hopefully we can get back to this farming thing soon.

– Alex

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