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Ag of the Middle

March 7, 2015

The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture is talking about us! Well, not by name, but by who we are – a growing mid-size farm – selling wholesale. We are big supporters of Farmers’ Markets, but have focused our attention on wholesale sales so that more Maine consumers can get more Maine food where they regularly shop. This is what Secretary Harden calls the local movement “growing up.” Still growing, but in broader directions. As Secretary Harden put it,

“According to a recent report from USDA’s Economic Research Service, farmers across the country sold an estimated $6.1 billion in locally marketed foods in 2012. This is serious money. More and more of it is coming from sales to retailers, institutions and restaurants rather than through farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). In other words, the demand side is maturing as businesses pay more attention to what their customers want.”

We are really proud to be part of this. We think there’s a role for farms of lots of different scales with lots of different marketing strategies in developing a more responsible food systems – the important part is that we are all working together to get better food in the hands of more people. If we can do that, lots of other great things (farmland preservation, revitalized rural economies, lower local and national healthcare costs) will start to follow.

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