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A look at summer – from under the snow.

February 18, 2015

Considering how high the snow banks are around the farm at this point, there’s not much else to do except update the website! Despite the temperatures, our storage crops are still looking great and finding their way to stores near you.

We’re currently offering carrots (packed in 1, 3 or 25 lb. bags), beets (medium or large), green cabbage, and lots and lots of potatoes. Still available are Red Norlands, White Norwis (our chef friends swear this potato is better than Russets for baking/frying), Keuka Gold, and All-Blues. We’re also offering certified organic potatoes: Strawberry Paw, Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Blue Gold, and Purple Magic Molly Fingerlings. We’re delivering to most Hannafords’ in Maine – if you don’t see our snazzy new bags on the shelves, let us or the produce manager know. There’s no excuse to not have Maine carrots, beets, cabbage and potatoes as long as possible!

We hope our crops in storage will last us most of the way through the spring until, believe it or not, summer comes again and we get back to business. Here’s a taste of what summer looked like on the farm – just to remind you how sweet it’ll be when May rolls around again.

– Alex


Alex and his scallions.

2012-05-26 17.31.34

Althea seeding some of our organic field.

These beets are in the barn right now!


tomatoes from the greenhouse

Farmer Stew checking out a new seeding.



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