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What We’ve Been Reading: Why Local

November 20, 2012


We’ve been reading a recent USDA report on the value of local production and find it compelling. See The What and Why of Regional and Local Produce. We’ve also been watching the USDA Know Your Farmer, Know Your Foodinitiatives; you can find a map of Maine projects, here. 

Why local? We love being part of a growing realization of the values of local produce sold to local markets. We love the idea of our friends, neighbors, and potential customers knowing us, knowing their food. Consumers and chefs have surely recognized the value of fresh, locally produced and delivered foods.

Here at Lakeside Family Farm we believe that if Maine is to realize the potential of local agriculture, local produce will need to be in our stores, and our stores will need to stay committed to identifying local product and giving their customers an opportunity to choose to buy high quality local product at competitive prices.  We are committed to food security for all of our Maine neighbors, security which capitalizes on local production, which in turn contributes to stronger local economies. Some of these issues obviously reach well beyond the scope of any one farm, but nevertheless, things we are thinking about in our own planning.

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