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Fall Harvesting

November 2, 2012

Well, we put on a big push to get all our crops in before Hurricane Sandy came and didn’t quite make it. Thanks to some long days in the warehouse cleaning out wooden crates, repairing conveyors, and getting reacquainted with the joys of the pressure washer, we only managed to get the cabbage, potatoes, and squash tucked inside before the rain came. “Only” might be a little misleading… it’s still quite a daunting task to harvest 12 acres of potatoes and 3 acres of cabbage!

Here’s a glimpse of the potato’s journey off the truck and into storage. We harvest them into a big truck with a conveyor belt that runs along the bottom of the truck and out the back. When we’re ready to unload them, we open the back of the truck and run the potatoes on to this contraption here, where the spuds bounce around a bit to shake off excess dirt and give us a chance to pick out any rocks or rotten ones before we put them away for the winter.

8 trucks later and we’ve got Red Norlands, Superiors, Keuka (a gold flesh potato that we like better than Yukons), Russets, Norwis (absolutely beautiful round white potato for baking and frying), and around 13,000 lbs. of Carolas that we’re saving for seed. You should be able to find them in your local Hannaford store, Golden Harvest in Kittery, or Whole Foods in Portland.

Now that the fields are drying out again, we hope to have one more big push before it gets too cold where we’ll bring in our carrots, turnip, and beets. The end is in sight, just in time to start ordering seed for the spring.

Yours in tubers,


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