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The Budding Greenhouse

May 15, 2012

Here at Lakeside, we officially have our greenhouse up and running. This means that there is now a cozy home for our seedlings which are flourishing in their new environment.


It took a lot of work to put up this green house, and required a suspicious number of ladders…


…however, you may put your faith in us because no measure is too large for quality produce. To care for the plants in the greenhouse we water twice a day and sometimes I sing a couple of ditties to the plants as I go along for encouragement. I have found that the cucumbers respond particularly well to old time pump-ups like “Eye of the Tiger”


As you can see, they are indeed preparing for action at the local farmers market.

Our fennel is also coming along nicely, and looks particularly gorgeous this morning.


The seedlings show smaller characteristics for each vegetable. Can you guess what these are?


These are sprouting heads of red lettuce which you can see are just starting to take on their color.

However, these crops are not quite ready yet. The first things that will be available at our market stand are mixed greens. The bags will include mixed lettuce, and a specialty blend called “Ovation Mix” which I personally cannot wait to eat. The mix includes Red Mustard, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Kale, and Arugula. We planted them a few days ago, and already they have germinated into vibrant green sprouts. 


Once these have matured we will be selling the greens in bags for salads. We will also mix the ovation greens with another mixed lettuce and pea shoots which will be a great addition to any spring meal. We are also thinking about selling full trays so you can take them home and harvest your own. To cut the greens you merely use a pair of scissors and give the stems the equivalent of a good haircut. Each tray will turn into about a bag of lettuce and they can be cut twice so a purchase of a tray will yield two bags.

We will also be growing some sunflower shoots, which I have never tried before but sound delightful. I would show you a picture of these trays, but unfortunately, our chickens ate all the planted sunflower seeds. They felt quite guilty about it…Image

Stay tuned for more updates on your future lunches!


Here’s to looking as gorgeous as our fennel,

– Lakeside 

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