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Want to know where food comes from?

March 31, 2012

Well, here are the ins and outs folks!

Ever want to know what the vegetable farmers of Maine are up to? Well, let me tell you it is pure hustle and bustle! I will update you on the goings-on on our farm and showcase all the exciting activity that goes into making the veggies that go onto your plate.

Today, your vegetables look like this:


…However, just you wait. These little seedlin’s are soon about to be burstin’ with flavor!

So much so that you could call them “Flavorbursts”

That’s right our tomatoes mean serious business.

But for now, they are still little sprouts in our basement. These are what we call seedlings. Seedlings are helpful in cold climates like Maine because they allow us to give the plants a little head start. If you are from Maine, I’m sure you understand that the summers are always too short. Veggies such as eggplants, tomatoes, and herbs would agree with you. Although these veggies don’t always need to start from seedlings, they also assist farmers who have gotten a late start to things…whoops.

Anyway, we are keeping our seedlings in our basement until we finish this!

This is the skeleton of our greenhouse which is currently in production and the new future homes for our delectable little seedlings. On Sunday, there may be some pictures of us walking on top of this thing to put the plastic on which is the “easiest” way to construct it. You could say this will be quite the nail biter and may be the liveliest event at 5 am this Sunday.Very exciting times here in Newport.

Hope everyone is as happy as our cucumbers!

– Lakeside

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